Leopoldo II di Lorena Monument

Dedicated to the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopoldo II, the marble statue is the work of a sculptor from Pietrasanta, called Vincenzo Santini


Located in Piazza Duomo in Pietrasanta, the imposing monument dedicated to the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopoldo II was created by local sculptor Vincenzo Santini (1807-1876). Sculptor and authoritative historian, Santini was also the author of six volumes of the Commentari Storici della Versilia Centrale (1858-62). The pupil of Pietro Tenerani, the greatest exponent of the Purism-style sculpture, Santini created several ‘historical sculptures’ similar to this monument dedicated to Leopoldo II in Pietrasanta. His monuments characterized by the retrieval of ancient forms and local artistic tradition. Pietrasanta, a city of art and marble working, gave rise to many important artists.

Source: Apt Versilia