Chianti Rufina Pomino



Chianti, wine, Rufina and Pomino

A wine route that embodies Tuscan civilisation

Directly to the east of Florence there is an enchanting place. We enter the land of Chianti Rùfina Docg and Pomino Doc, two wines with different personalities and characteristics, both well known and highly regarded for centuries.
In these hills, which stretch towards the Apennine mountains, the great Tuscan civilisation is sublime in a landscape dotted with towers, ancient manors, sixteenth-century villas and Romanesque parish churches.

Here Giotto experienced his early artistic development. Here the great Florentine families erected their villas and their castles. Here the Tuscan Christian church established its main places of worship. In this landscape, as yet not fully discovered, is the Chianti Rùfina and Pomino wine trail, which include a total of sixteen wine producers, restaurants, farm holiday accommodation and support establishments. With its tours of the wineries, the Trail offers an itinerary which discloses the many beautiful sights of a region enclosed within the boundaries of the five towns: Pontassieve, Pelago, Rùfina, Londa and Dicomano.
One of the most important characteristics of the Chianti Rùfina and Pomino wine route is its proximity to Florence. This makes it a good destination for day trips. The presence of some of the most beautiful Romanesque parish churches of Tuscany, as well as the castles scattered around the area, give the tourist the possibility to diversify and adapt the itinerary to the available time.
It is possible, to do tours of this area, and what make the itineraries particularly stimulating are the different experiences that can be had in the sixteen wineries of the Trail. Medieval Manors with underground cellars, ancient fortresses that during the centuries have been transformed into pleasant country retreats, sumptuous Renaissance villas dominating the surrounding hills.

While each establishment offers a different sensation, as a whole they tell the story of this enchanting region and of the families that for centuries have harvested its products. This is another of the distinctive aspects of the Chianti Rùfina and Pomino wine route: the wine producers are all from the area and their family traditions have their roots in the history of the area itself. Talking to the producers, the tourist has a direct contact with people who have experienced the history of these places: they have a perfect knowledge of the customs and traditions of this magic land, which provides such great wines.
The Chianti Rùfina region is not only famous for its wines. Its local culinary tradition is one of the most interesting of the whole Tuscan region. All the restaurants within the Trail offer dishes reminiscent of those of farmers’ housewives of the past, who dedicated the main part of their working day to cooking. Ancient flavours expertly revisited in line with the most modern taste and nutrition requirements.

Starting with salami and cheeses, through soups, home made pasta, steaks from the close by Mugello farms, stews cooked in Chianti Rùfina wine, and finishing with the desserts. Not only wine then, is the Chianti Rùfina and Pomino wine Trail. But the wine remains the prince in this corner of Tuscany and becomes the ideal companion, offering new unexpected visions of land and sky.
Vineyards surrounded by impenetrable forests, olive trees and cypresses which follow soft hills, stone towers and bell-towers effortlessly rising to the sky. Art and nature, wine and gastronomy, sport and leisure: this and much more you will find on the Chianti Rùfina and Pomino wine route. 

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