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The marble quarries of Carrara

Jeep tour

Price: starting from €85
When: From: 01 Mar. 2017 to: 31 Oct. 2017
CONTACTS: How to book: Booking online tel Phone: 055 4684663 webWebsite: cancellazione Link to the Cancellation Policy:
Come and see with your own eyes the origins of the worlds most famous architectural and artistic works. We will bring you in Carrara, where for over 2000 years marble has been quarried. Thes quarries provided the marble for masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s David, Pieta and the Three Graces by Canova to name only a few. The Romans were among the first to excavate the precious material white from the Apuan Alp. Dante even mentions it in Inferno in the Divine Comedy such is the historic fame of this geological wonder. From this ancient tradition a splendid addition to the art world got its start. The superior quality of the marble gave Carrara its long-lasting fame. As if the marble was not enough the mountainous landscape has stunning views of the Terrain sea below. You can also discover the old villages of the miners, their habits, their language, food and daily life, which are inextricably intertwined with their profession, a full day but rewarding.
Guide: Tour Guide
Program: Once you reach Carrara, our guide will explain the area’s history, from its Roman origins, than the Malaspina Duchy in Dante’s time up to the Unification of Italy. We’ll stop at quarry and get a first-hand account from an insider working there, of the techniques and methods of transport from ancient times to today. In addition you can make an excursion by Jeep, arriving at about 1200 meters above sea level to enjoy the breathtaking landscape, with views of the quarries and the surrounding mountains. Through the ancient tunnels of the “marmifera railway”, up to Carrara, then on to Colonnata. Here you will taste the famously delicious herb-flavored lard. You can book lunch or cocktails directly inside a cave. For the most part it’s standing buffet, but they are open to other arrangements.
Meeting Point: Carrara


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