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Known as the ‘town of bread’ thanks to its centuries-old tradition

Altopascio is known as the ‘town of bread’ because it has maintained the ancient tradition of bread making for centuries. The historic center still has traces and artworks of inestimable value, like the church of San Jacopo, built in 1100 AD during the illustrious period of the ‘Ordine degli Ospitalieri’. The façade of the church features smooth stone on the bottom and white and green marble on the top. The decorative elements are noteworthy, like the lunette located above the main entranceway with two lions. Next to the church, is the imposing bell tower. ...


Leg 6: Lucca to Altopascio

Explore ancient forts and medieval churches

This 17.8 kilometer stretch, which begins in Lucca, can be traversed in about 4 hours. ...

Lucca, Montecarlo and Versilia wine and oil trail

A trip through hills bordered by 100-year-old olives and vines

The rural territory of the Wine and Oil Trail of Lucca, Montecarlo and Versilia, in the province of Lucca, is unique in Tuscany for the ...

From Garfagnana to Lucchesia, a journey of flavours and traditions

Here are the weekend’s celebrations for all those looking for authenticity

A journey across Lucca and the surrounding area to discover the traditions and flavours of a fascinating and lively land. ...

Some routes between Lucca and Garfagnana

Itineraries to discover the beauty of the area

1st Itinerary: Follow the Serchio river from the outskirts of Lucca toward the Garfagnana. ...

Leg 7: Altopascio to San Miniato

Along the Via Francigena, amid art and churches

This leg is 25.3 km long and begins in Altopascio; it takes less than 6 hours to complete. ...

From Garfagnana to Lucchesia: spotlighting local flavors and traditions

A top spot for foodies and nature-lovers

A trip around Lucca and its surrounding area offers an amazing opportunity to try some of Tuscany’s most genuine delicacies. ...

Voyage through the flavours of Lucca

Lucchese restaurants offer traditional dishes made with local products

Tuscany has a rich agricultural tradition with a variety of produce which is native to the region. ...

A tour of the plain around Lucca

Discover the rich variety of this region

This tour travels round the plain that surrounds Lucca, an area which is also known as Lucchesia. ...

Around the Sesto Lake basin

Discover the plain around Lucca and its most famous towns

A railway line was opened at Sesto Lake in 1928, at the same place where boats left to cross the water towards Pisa. ...

Taking the spiritual path from Versilia to Lucca

Cities intersected by the Francigena

The historic Via Francigena crosses the entire region of Tuscany: from the highest area of Versilia to the region’s border with Lazio. ...

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