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Delightfully located in the Tusco-Appennine hills and the magnificent Apuan Alps

LOCATION Barga is a town of ancient traditions, dating back to the Longobard era of the early Middle Ages (VI-VIII centuries). It is situated in a charming position between the slopes of the Tusco-Appennine hills and the masterful amphitheatre of the Apuan Alps that separate Garfagnana from Versilia. ...


An itinerary of Lucca’s nineteenth and twentieth century poets and musicians

Giacomo Puccini, Giovanni Pascoli, Giosuè Carducci and Gabriele D’Annunzio

Today, the places where these famed figures were born and the houses they lived in have become foundations or museums. ...

Explore the Garfagnana on Motorcycle

Mountain bends from Lucca to Aulla

From the city walls of Lucca, we follow the Serchio River up and into the upper valley towards the Garfagnana and its tiny towns. ...

Some routes between Lucca and Garfagnana

Itineraries to discover the beauty of the area

1st Itinerary: Follow the Serchio river from the outskirts of Lucca toward the Garfagnana. ...

The Serchio valley by bike: Castelnuovo Garfagnana to Lucca

Cycling with Parco Bike in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

An event for lovers of two wheels will be held on Sunday, October 21 on the charming bike path that runs through Garfagnana, a green and wild ...

The most beautiful Tuscan towns

Places frozen in time, with plenty of art and history

If you are looking for places where you can disconnect from the stress of everyday life and also educate yourself culturally, you'll find them in ...

Villages of the Tuscan Apennines

Visit the most beautiful sites in the province

Rondinaio, AlpeTre Potenze, Giovo and Cima dell'Omo Romecchio are the peaks that divide the three provinces of Lucca, Pistoia and Modena and the ...

Voyage through the flavours of Lucca

Lucchese restaurants offer traditional dishes made with local products

Tuscany has a rich agricultural tradition with a variety of produce which is native to the region. ...

Discover the Garfagnana, from Grotta del Vento to Castelvecchio

Nature, culture and enchanted villages

An itinerary from the town of Gallicano to Grotta del Vento, hugging the Turrite River, which offers scenes of rare beauty: don't miss the town ...

An itinerary through Italy's most beautiful villages

Enchanting hamlets in the countryside

If you are looking for places to get away from the stress of daily life, places that offer cultural enrichment, what you need is a visit to one ...

Toscana Events