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Flavours and history converge in the Brunello capital of the world

It was made famous by Brunello, one of the world’s best red wines. But Montalcino is also a magnificent city of art which, from its hill, dominates the 3000 hectares of vineyards (1500 for Brunello) that have given it fame and wealth. Straddled between the basins of the Ombrone and the Orcia, the centre is overlooked by the Fortress built in 1361 to consolidate the fact that Montalcino had become a possession of Siena. A second symbol of Montalcino is the slim tower of the Town Hall built between the 13th and 14th centuries. At the foot of the tower Piazza del Popolo and the Gothic Loggia. ...


Nature, history and wine in the Terre Senesi

The Val d'Orcia and the Val d'Elsa: enjoying Tuscany in the open air

Chianti is not the only area of Tuscany renown for its fine wines. Further south, between Chiana and the Val d’Orcia is a Renaissance gem, the ...

Travelling back to the Sienese Renaissance

Art tours around Siena

Sienese itineraries that, touching upon museums, skirt age-old churches, fortresses, magnificent buildings and hills of a land that resembles an ...

Discover the countryside around Siena

An ocean of rolling landscapes

A journey through the Siena countryside must be undertaken with the same spirit of those who embarked on the journey of the Grand Tour. ...

The land of Brunello

Art, nature and beautiful wine

Make your way out of the city of Siena, through the countryside of the Siena Crete and Val d'Orcia, where you will find yourself in the ...

Leg 13: Ponte d’Arbia to San Quirico d’Orcia

In Sigerico's footsteps in the Val d’Orcia

Starting from Ponte d’Arbia, this 27.4 km leg takes about 6 hours to complete. ...

Touring Central-South Tuscany on a motorcycle

Grand tour famous cities, places, foods

This itinerary cuts through central Tuscany and then heads south and ends up on the coast. ...

Art and culture of Val d'Orcia

Discover hills, hamlets and monuments of extraordinary charm

Val d'Orcia, this fascinating oasis of nature and culture, is set among acres of olive groves, oak forests and vineyards. ...

A trip through the Val d’Orcia

Discovering Tuscany's beautiful southern lands

In the heart of the lands surrounding Siena, you’ll find perfect, essential landscape with hills, furrows, winding rivers and cypresses. ...

Motorcycle trip through Siena, Val d'Orcia and Chianti

Paved and dirt roads from Siena to San Casciano dei Bagni

One of the things a great ride must include is a road that is part paved and part dirt road, that takes you through hills, fields, and ...

Florence to Siena along the wine trail

Enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful area south of Florence

If you enjoy camping and want to see the wine country south of Florence, here is a wonderful itinerary for you. ...

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