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Medieval gem of the Valdinievole area

The municipality of Uzzano is located in the Province of Pistoia; it currently hosts approximately 4,800 people. It is considered the medieval ‘gem’ of the Valdinievole area. On a visit to Uzzano, you can admire the town’s castle and the church of Santissimi Jacopo e Martino. From as far back as the XI century, Uzzano—together with Montechiari—appears to have fallen under the control of a noble family from Lucca. Indeed, one of its representatives, Francesco di Freggiotto, sold the castle of Uzzano and other territories to the municipality of Lucca. ...


Trekking in the Pescia Valley

An itinerary filled with Tuscan nature

The itinerary that leads you across the Pescia Valley is a key connection between the trekking system in the Svizzera Pesciatina, the Lucca Hills ...

Voyage through the flavours of Pistoia

Vetrina Toscana a Tavola suggests Pistoiese restaurants that offer traditional dishes ...

Tuscany has a rich agricultural tradition with a variety of produce which is native to the region. ...

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