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Viareggio: The pearl of Versilia

Il litorale di Viareggio, veduta notturna

More than just a beach town, Viareggio boasts culture and is the Carnevale capital of Italy

Sparkling sea on one side, gleaming white marble mountains of the Apuan Alps on the other: this is Viareggio, pearl of Versilia. First created as the port of Lucca, Viareggio owes its name to the “via Regis”, the street that connected it to the area’s capital during the Middle Ages. Its foundations date back to 1172 when the Lucchesi and Genoese allied against Pisa, built a famous fortress. The city’s oldest fort, the Torre Matilde, dates back to 1500 and was erected by the Luccesi to defend themselves against pirates. ...


Viareggio to Pietrasanta: Coastal towers and military towns

Geographic diversity gives rise to various types of military constructions

The Versilia coast's diverse geographic nature gave rise to vastly different types of fortresses and military constructions. ...

Giacomo Puccini and Versilia: a great love story

Discovering Torre del Lago

Giacomo Puccini was born in Lucca, but he wasn’t particularly fond of city life. ...

Lucca, Montecarlo and Versilia wine and oil trail

A trip through hills bordered by 100-year-old olives and vines

The rural territory of the Wine and Oil Trail of Lucca, Montecarlo and Versilia, in the province of Lucca, is unique in Tuscany for the ...

Discovering Versilia

Nature and culture collide between surf and turf

Enclosed between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan Alps, in the very north of Tuscany, Versilia represents the fusion between nature and culture. ...

From Sant'Anna di Stazzema to Capezzano Monte

An itinerary between history and nature

History and nature go hand in hand on this bike trail. The town of S. ...

Versilia by bike

Explore the coast on two wheels

These trails have been designed to satisfy travelers with different leisure needs. ...

Torre del Lago and 'friendly' Versilia

Clubs and events along the Versilia coast

Today, the Torre del Lago promenade is filled with nightclubs, restaurants and bars; it is an atmosphere reminiscent of the Greek island of ...

Viareggio: beaches and nightlife

A walk through the capital of Versilia

Walk around Viareggio and enjoy this seaside city this summer, so famous that it earned the title “Capital of Versilia” and gave birth to many ...

Take the Tuscan coast on a motorcycle

Panoramic roads along the Tyrrhenian

Tuscany’s coast runs along the Tyrrhenian coast for hundreds of kilometers, and this itinerary offers bikers a trip that will allow you to ...

The churches and monasteries of Camaiore

An itinerary of faith among the villages of the Versilia

An itinerary of faith, among churches, convents and parishes, that knows how to tell of the religious life of Camaiore; but every village of the ...

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