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Volterra, Etruscan city

Volterra, città etrusca

Situated on a tall hill, Volterra is one of the oldest towns in Tuscany

It is an Etruscan settlement with finds that date back to the IX century BC. Worth a visit are: Palazzo dei Priori, the oldest public building in Tuscany and the remains of the large Roman theatre built around the birth of Christ. A centre of Villanovan culture in the period between IX and VII centuries BC, the ancient Velathri became, in the Etruscan period, the capital town of one of the twelve lacumonie (religious city states), surrounding itself with strong walls until the V century BC and extending throughout the hill in an area much vaster than today. ...


Discover spring in Tuscany

Enchanting landscapes and top-notch art

Evocative panoramas and intense emotions are what await those who are planning a spring holiday in Tuscany this year. ...

The winding Volterrana road is perfect for bikers

From Cecina to Colle Val d'Elsa by motorbike

The Volterrana is a winding road that goes from the Tuscan coast and travels inland through the hilly countryside with marvellous panoramic views. ...

The Val di Cecina and Metallifere Hills

Southern Tuscan coast rich in hiking trails and nature itineraries

Places:Monteverdi, Larderello, Pomarance, Volterra, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Ponteginori, Casale Marittimo, Bibbona, Bolgheri, Donoratico Point ...

In the footsteps of the Etruscans in Tuscany

From Volterra, Fiesole and Arezzo to Populonia

According to Dionigi di Alicarnasso, a Greek historian, the Etruscans were an ancient and unique people who had absolutely no connection, either ...

Mannerist art in Tuscany

Follow the Mannerist trail in Tuscany with the works of Andrea del Sarto, Vasari, ...

Mannerism in Tuscany really took off in the sixteenth century as an experimental off-shoot of the already flourishing Renaissance art. ...

Romanic Architecture around Pisa

Itineraries that trace a unique style

Romanic architecture in and around Pisa shaped Tuscan architecture and left numerous traces all over the area. ...

The Val di Pesa and Valdelsa by motorcycle

Travel along the historic La Volterrana motorway

Together with the Via Francigena, the Volterrana is one of the oldest rods in Tuscany. ...

Valdera for Bikers: along the Sarzanese Valdera

From Volterra to Massa Marittima

This can be considered a Best of... ride: it's got lots of kinds of roads and the itinerary is varied thanks to a selection of portions of the ...

Finest Tuscan handicrafts

The best places to buy artisan crafts

Tuscany is one of finest regions of Italy in terms of handicrafts. It is a place where creativity, beauty and manual knowhow has always reigned ...

Outdoor art in Tuscany

The most beautiful natural installations

Fattoria delle Celle is home to a leading environmental art collection, which Giuliano Gori and his family began back in the early Eighties. ...

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